Super Satellite Phone For Emergency Situations, Always Connected Anywhere

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Product Description

EN Category Name: Satellite Phone

DE Category Name: Satellite Phone

Product Type: Li-Polymer

Volts: 3.7

Net Weight: 57.0

Grass Weight: 107.0

Capacity: 2400mAh / 8.88Wh

Color: Grey

Dimension: 84.86 x 36.16 x 13.40mm

Important Note/Guarantee:
1. 100% New Battery and 100% Actual Capacity; After the new battery has been charged and discharged 2-3 times, the battery performance will reach the best state;
2. All products provide one-year warranty service! If you encounter problems such as unusable products, product defects, and substandard performance, please contact us as soon as possible! We give the best after-sales service to avoid you leaving negative comments!
3. If you need to buy in bulk or order mixed products, please feel free to contact us. We welcome the consultation of corporate buyers, and we will provide better prices!
Precautions for use:
1. If the battery is damaged, deformed, bent, etc., please do not use it and contact customer service;
2. The battery should be stored in a dry environment, and the best storage temperature is recommended to be 5°-22°;
3. Do not use inferior chargers, so as not to damage the battery performance;
4. After the battery is fully charged, it should be taken out in time to avoid excessive charging time;
5. The new battery needs to be charged and discharged 3 times to achieve the best performance;
6. Do not disassemble or assemble the battery at will;
About the product:
All items are “Cameron Sino” high quality batteries, including replaceable batteries in various fields. If there is no suitable product in the store, please contact us, we are willing to check for you.
About Logistics:
1. The package will be shipped within 48-72 hours after payment;
2. The logistics information can be tracked online, and you can check the latest progress of the package;
3. If you need fast delivery, please contact us, we support customers to purchase DHL, UPS and other logistics services;
About the warranty:
All products provide one year warranty service!
The customer pays the freight and returns it to our repair address. After inspection and repair, we will send you the repaired item for free, or even a new package;
About the store:
We are willing to do our best to provide good products and hHigh quality service!

Weight 0,11 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 8 cm



Standard Battery

Model Number



Satellite Phone

Brand Name

Cameron Sino


Mainland China




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